Locksmith Charley Presents:

Used Johnson Pacific Floor Safe for sale $300.00

OK - so its not the prettiest safe I've ever seen, sold, or worked on but it IS a good solid unit with plenty of life left in it. It has a Sargent and Greenleaf combination lock and one locking bolt. The door is case hardened and this thing, despite its small size, must weigh 200-300 lbs. These pictures don't show it, but there is a drop slot in one side dropping into the "top" compartment. There is a "bottom" compartment secured by a tubular key cam lock.

In this view, from floor to "top" of safe where door is measures 12"


As you look at the door it is 10" X 11"

Serial number


If you would like to purchase this little gem I'll even throw in FREE local (within 15 miles) delivery!

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