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Locksmith Charley


Charles Eastwood, CRL






Locksmith Charley's rates are designed to be fair to the customers yet permit us to make a living.

Mobile service - $55.00 inside the 101 loop. Extended distances can be quoted on an individual basis.

Re-key cylinder - $12.50-15.00(assuming that you have a working key)

Re-key cylinder w/o key - $17.50-20.00

Master key cylinder - $20.00

Re-install a lockset - $20.00

Fit key to a lock - $20.00 + key(s) (most common locks)

Complete install of knob lock or deadbolt - $40.00

Standard keys (SC1, KW1,  WR3, Y1, etc) - $2.50/ea.

Sectional or 6 pin keys - $3.75/ea.

Schlage Everest keys - $6.75/ea.